Download NU2B Design Aids

[ClassE.exe] The NU2B Class-E design aid program

[Ce2w.wmf] Schematic diagram for the CE program startup example. (Paste this in a word.doc to view)

[CoilCalc.txt ] -App note for using the CE program coil winder

[Pi-NetMatch.txt ] -App note for using the CE program to calculate a Pinet matching network

[PushPull_KW.doc ] -App note for a high power push-pull xfmr coupled CE amp

[PPdemo1.jpg] -Schematic explaining push-pull design progression

[Harmonic2.txt ] -App note for PDM and Xmtr harmonic suppression

[LPFSPIC2.exe] Program to Design lowpass Filters and build a spice deck

[LPFexample.txt] -App note for using the LPF program

[LpfSpice.txt] -Some info on LPFspice

[PPMod.xls] -Spreadsheet for Push-Pull Tube Modulators

[Dipole.xls] -Spreadsheet for Half-Wave Dipole Lumped-element Model

[NonSync.xls] -Spreadsheet for 12th-wave match network with Lumped-element equivalent

[STRWire.xls] -Spreadsheet for Straight-wire Inductance Calculation

[TapCoil.xls] -Spreadsheet for Airwound Tapped-Coil Calculation